Multi Project Planner


Effectively manage your business's human resources


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When several people are working together to develop a project, it can be extremely complicated to organize and supervise their work.

Multi Project Planner is an intriguing app that enables you to quickly and easily administer a business's human resources. It's also useful for coordinating any kind of group work.

It operates from a clear interface from which you can easily identify the tasks that are being performed, the distribution of personnel assigned to said tasks, and the schedules of each worker.

Other interesting program features include:
- The ability to resolve conflicts using brute force: the program assigns resources after evaluating the situation.
- Automatic progress calculation for each employee.
- Project organization to adhere to deadlines.
- Project-creation templates to simplify the creation of new tasks and projects.

The app also includes a well-made video tutorial that will help you quickly learn how to use the program.

21-day trial.

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